Regency Privacy Statement


We are committed to protecting your privacy and your data is held in a GDPR compliant location.  This statement applies to our website and all agreements entered into with Regency.  By using our website, participating in any of our events or communications you consent to the data practices described in this statement.


Your Privacy

1.    Your personal data is kept safe

2.    Your personal data will not be sold to any other party

3.    You choose how you wish to hear from us


Collection of your personal data

If you enter into an agreement with Regency we will ask for information about you.  This is so we can verify who you are, identify who you are and for security reasons.  This information will be such things as your name, tel. number, e-mail address and mailing address. This information will be kept safe by Regency for as long as permitted for legitimate business purposes.


How we use your personal data

1.    To communicate with you all of our business services such as rehearsals, performances, social events, singing lessons and Regency benefits.

2.    To improve ways we communicate and service our relationship with you.

3.    For marketing activities.

4.    Manage financial transactions

5.    To develop and manage our Brand

6.    To exercise our rights as set out in agreements.


This is the information we collect about you

1.    When you book your taster session we collect your:

·       Name

·       Email address

·       Mobile number

·       Alergies

·       Home Address

This information is retained only as long as you want us to.  If you no longer want to receive information about our services or offers your information will be securely destroyed.


Who we share your personal information with to conduct our business

Teachers who run rehearsals/Classes


Your rights to see your Data

The GDPR regulation grants you the right to access particular personal data that we hold about you.  This is known as ‘subject access’ request.  We will respond to your request promptly and formally.  This response will explain:

1.    How we acquired your information

2.    Why we acquired your information and how we use this information

3.    Who we share (if at all) this information with

Any questions of issues just email us at